On Wednesday night’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” comedian Louis C.K. wrote off his $1 million in sales — the first million he’s ever had all at once, he admitted — as just “a $5 impulse that 220,000 people had.” And to continue not giving himself too much credit, he announced that the money would be divided up between paying for the special’s production costs ($250,000), giving his entire staff healthy bonuses (another $250,000), donating to five different charities ($280,000) and finally, using the remaining $220,000 to do something — we don’t know — with his stomach.

The charities to which C.K. is donating over a quarter of his earnings are the Fistula Foundation which helps women, Charity: Water, which provides clean drinking water; Green Chimneys and the Pablove Foundation which help children in need and Kiva, an organization that offers “microfunds” or small loans to people around the world.

Louis C.K. Gives $1 Million to Charity (and His Stomach)

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