Paula Abdul did not take lightly to Jimmy Kimmel‘s comments about her X Factor contestants. The judges of the hit FOX show made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, but Paula didn’t stay on stage too long before she was offended.

The host said candidly of her ousted contestants, “Paula, yours deserved to go. Both of yours deserved to go.” The TV star was shocked at Jimmy’s comments, saying, “What?!” before walking off the set.” As she went to get up, the other judges laughed, and Simon Cowell even gave Jimmy a high-five.

She quickly returned to the stage smiling. “It’s nothing against you,” Jimmy said as Paula returned to the couch but sat on Simon’s lap. Then he dove into the relationship rumors between the two judges.

“Something has had to happen between you two sexually,” he quipped. Paula joked, “He’s a selfish lover. He’d be calling his own name out. … I can only imagine.”

Simon added, “I thought about it, but then I’d have to talk to her afterwards.”


Puala Abdul Storms off ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

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