Jay Leno asked Meghan McCain’s first thought when she heard Sarah Palin would be her father’s running mate in the last presidential election and she said, “My initial reaction was, ‘Who the hell is Sarah Palin?’ — like everybody else.”

The feisty daughter of Sen. John McCain also took full responsibility for the weird Twitter banter happening between her dad and Snooki. Meghan McCain is a ‘Jersey Shore’ fan and heard Snooki say she preferred McCain — because President Obama put a tax on tanning. She then told her dad of the show’s “underground McCain supporter.”

But now that they’re Twitter BFFs, “too many worlds colliding,” she said. The ‘Dirty Sexy Politics’ author also dished on the Obama quote that she fears will follow her “for the rest of my life.”

(Source: NBC-TV and TVSquad.com)

Meghan McCain Talks Sarah Palin, “Sexy” Obama

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