On ‘The Colbert Report,’ Stephen Colbert lamented that none of the $315 million Arianna Huffington received from AOL for the sale of The Huffington Post would be coming to him.

“Darling, I happened to cruise by your $300 million website and you know what I find?” Colbert said, imitating Huffington’s Greek accent. “A whole lot of me. Including clips for my show on your site’s dedicated Stephen Colbert page. You did the impossible. You made me feel angry while looking at pictures at myself. Where’s my money Arianna?”

Actually, Colbert thinks he has a plan to snag himself some Huffington bucks. He said that until The Huffington Post pays him for “repurposing my content,” he’s launching his own website: ‘The Colbuffington Re-Post.’

(Source: TVSquad.com and Comedy Central)

Stephen Colbert Launching “The Colbuffington Re-Post”

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